Review of Cancer’s Curse

Cancer's Curse Book Cover

The band’s back together in Cancer’s Curse, the fourth book in author Paul Sating’s urban fantasy Zodiac series and it’s the best one yet. Zeke, Ralrek and Bilba are enjoying the Samhain festival when whispers circulate Lucifer’s army maybe calling up the draft for demons to fight in the Overworld alongside humans. Bilba needs coin…

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On Being Human

Book cover for Fall of Aries

Being human doesn’t necessarily mean you are not a monster. Monsters exist in all forms, including human. Recently I binge watched the UK version of Being Human. The show deals with the theme of what it means to be human as told through the eyes of three housemates who happen to be supernatural—a vampire, a…

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Review of The Gemini Paradox

Book cover for The Gemini Paradox

In The Gemini Paradox, the third book in author Paul Sating’s Zodiac series, we delve further into what it means to do good versus evil. Receiving an advanced reader copy, I thrilled at taking another wild ride through the Circles of Hell with Ezekiel Sunstone, the only demon without abilities who works for Lucifer’s Third…

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Review of The Horn of Taurus

Book cover of The Horn of Taurus

The boys are back! In the second book of the Zodiac series, The Horn of Taurus by Paul Sating, Zeke, Bilba, and even Ralrek, are on another mission for the Council. This time, it’s the Eighth Circle of Hell instead of the Overworld, but once again, only these boys are the ones for the job.…

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Bitter Aires Review

I’m doing things a little differently today. First, let me apologize for not posting any blog topics for awhile. Second, today’s blog post is a review of an independently published book. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll check out the first book in this new urban fantasy series. Thank you. TC Grassman…

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I love two for ones. I hope you do too. Words are what we use to impart thoughts and feelings, and breathe life into a story. It is the how, that is the vehicle in which we carry all the aspects of the tale. Smith on the other hand conjures up a forge in my…

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Look up inspiration and you’ll find different definitions depending on which dictionary you use. The one that resonates with me comes from the Latin inspiro; breathe in. A professor of mine once talked about inspiration as the act of God breathing life into. My imagination peaked, and I never let the image go. I love…

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