Bitter Aires Review

I’m doing things a little differently today. First, let me apologize for not posting any blog topics for awhile. Second, today’s blog post is a review of an independently published book. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you’ll check out the first book in this new urban fantasy series.

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TC Grassman


Bitter Aries, the first book in author Paul Sating’s Zodiac series, takes the reader on a wild ride through the fifth circle of Hell and Seattle. The story follows Ezekiel Sunstone, the only demon in the history of the Underworld without magic. The Council tasks Zeke to travel to the Overworld,  Seattle specifically, and retrieve Aries, the first of his name. An ancient demon who has been living amongst the mortals and against the Council’s wishes for far too long. Ezekiel needs to bring Aries back to the Underworld. Zeke’s only friend, Bilba, goes with him. Unfortunately for Zeke, his childhood bully also comes along at the Council’s insistence. The two spellcasters, the Council persists, will protect and help the non-magic user execute the mission. What ensues is a fun, fast and funny thrill ride as we follow the adventures of these three young demons experiencing a whole new world. And as they question themselves  and the motives of their elders. Who does Zeke end up siding with? The Council or the guitar playing Aries? What’s more, will Zeke be able to go home with riches and glory or be trapped in the Overworld forever, not able to see his family ever again, not to mention the shame he’d bring to them? Pick up a copy and find out. It’s worth it as you’ll fall in love with these unlikely heroes, just as I did.

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