Review of Cancer’s Curse

The band’s back together in Cancer’s Curse, the fourth book in author Paul Sating’s urban fantasy Zodiac series and it’s the best one yet. Zeke, Ralrek and Bilba are enjoying the Samhain festival when whispers circulate Lucifer’s army maybe calling up the draft for demons to fight in the Overworld alongside humans.

Bilba needs coin as he’s spent what he earned from the Council trying to reconnect with his mother and since Ralrek and Zeke were released from prison, the Council hasn’t bothered giving either anymore work let alone acknowledging their existence. What will three demons do—dodge the draft or join the army? What other adventures will the boys go on and will they be able to discern right from wrong as they learn things opposite of what they’ve been told?

As always, pick up a copy and read for yourself. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I do for its wit, creativity, and snark—especially the snark. I can’t wait for the fifth book to come out in a few months.

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