Review of The Gemini Paradox

In The Gemini Paradox, the third book in author Paul Sating’s Zodiac series, we delve further into what it means to do good versus evil. Receiving an advanced reader copy, I thrilled at taking another wild ride through the Circles of Hell with Ezekiel Sunstone, the only demon without abilities who works for Lucifer’s Third Council and finds solace in a good bottle of Vodka.

Zeke’s latest mission involves finding a lost demon called Gemini, going through portals to find him, and getting mixed up with an angel of a problem knowing just who to trust or where to turn. Not to mention learning more about the Balance, Creed, Zeke’s trusted magical halberd, and himself. Knowing, understanding, and doing the right thing rather than going the easy way, takes courage. Does Zeke have it in him to do what is right or is he just another poster boy for toting the party line?

If you like a fast paced, quirky, make-you-smile read, then I suggest you pick up your copy of The Gemini Paradox and find out for yourself what trouble Zeke gets up to. This story gets better with each book and so far, The Gemini Paradox is the best one yet. I can’t wait to find out what other adventures are in store for Zeke and the gang and I hope you’ll be along for the ride.

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