I love two for ones, I hope you do too. Words are what we use to impart thoughts and feelings, and breath life into a story. It is the how, the vehicle in which we carry all the aspects of the tale. Smith on the other hand conjures up a forge in my mind.
“Go to the smithy and get this—sword, horseshoe, whatever metal object—fixed.” A smith could be a blacksmith working with iron. A redsmith working with copper, maybe a whitesmith, silversmith or goldsmith working with tin, silver or gold. Whatever they work with, the smith bends the material to his or her will. So do wordsmiths.
Words evolve. Names too. Smith is a common surname and I always thought it must have been handed down from the profession. Writers are often called wordsmiths as we mold and shape language to our wills. The correct word placed in the right spot makes a difference in whatever message we are wanting to impart. It is a thrilling and sometimes lonely art. Worth every moment that we toil in the muck of letters to construe meaning in telling a good story.

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TC Grassman

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