Look up inspiration and you’ll find different definitions depending on which dictionary you use. The one that resonates with me comes from the Latin inspiro; breathe in. A professor of mine once talked about inspiration as the act of God breathing life into. My imagination peaked, and I never let the image go.

I love the imagery of God breathing life into. Genesis 2:7 comes to the fore in my mind when God animates Adam and, “… breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, …” This was the beginning of humans as living creatures. I am a child of God and believe that God breathed life into me and by extension gave me life to create.

What inspires us as artists varies. For myself, if I’m watchful, anything can spark and turn to flame. Inspiration to write Motel Dreams came one morning as I arrived for work and swiped my badge to enter the secure building. I turned to find a man standing there, waiting. He gave me a compliment and I waived him ahead of me. We walked into the lobby, went our separate ways but as I got into the elevator, I thought, Huh. He complimented me. Weird. Serial killer? Okay, probably not but …. I couldn’t remember if he had a badge of his own, nor let go the idea of a serial killer teaching his trade. That night I wrote the first draft.

Another story, For Beauty’s Sake, a commentary on our obsession with beauty products, started with an image from a nightmare. The image was so disturbing that I knew I needed to explore the story. I wrote it the next day. Both examples show that mundane experiences can be crafted into interesting and compelling story.

God breathes into us giving us all gifts. Some sing, dance, create art, teach, build things, and some write. Whatever your gifts, let yourself be inspired. Encourage each other, let imaginations flow, and see what wonders might ensue.

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