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Posts by TC Grassman

One Small Thing

Senior year came and Karl decided he’d had enough. So he planned his revenge. June was approaching and with it, graduation. The grad night party everyone went to was the perfect setting to exact his vengeance, and he knew just how he would do it—he’d make poisoned pastries. Spiced blueberry tarts with a dash of…

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Light of I AM

We are broken!   Like colored glass Scattered upon the marble Cracked and jagged   Somehow light still shines   Through the bits, throwing Shimmering brilliance of Blues, reds, yellows and greens   But touch an edge …   And blood flows Dark and crimson Staining the pristine   How the tears flow   And…

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I love two for ones, I hope you do too. Words are what we use to impart thoughts and feelings, and breath life into a story. It is the how, the vehicle in which we carry all the aspects of the tale. Smith on the other hand conjures up a forge in my mind. “Go…

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Look up inspiration and you’ll find different definitions depending on which dictionary you use. The one that resonates with me comes from the Latin inspiro; breathe in. A professor of mine once talked about inspiration as the act of God breathing life into. My imagination peaked, and I never let the image go. I love…

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